Roadmap & Released Features

Roadmap & Released Features

What's out, what's on our roadmap — and where we are going.



Safe Harbor Statement

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Product Development at Brella

Our product team operates in an agile way — constantly releasing incremental updates at lightning speeds, gathering feedback and iterating on these features. However, we are firm believers that agility should never come at the expense of customer experience. This roadmap is a part of our efforts to add predictability to the lives of event organizers.


Minimal Disruption, Maximum Reliability

Our product marketing & customer-facing teams work with our customers to minimize disruptions and keep up reliability by clearly communicating and helping your team prepare for upcoming changes.


Lightning Fast Release Cycle

Our product team follows agile principles to ensure a rapid development cycle focused on incremental releases, while systematically employs our customers' insights to speed up the process.


Predictable & Consistent

Our main goal is to make our customers' lives easier. That's why our product team works hard to ensure we stick to a consistent & repeatable development process — allowing for faster shipping times while ensuring a high degree of predictability to our customers on the eve of their events.


Quality first

Our product team loves speed, but they value quality even more. Our agile release cycle empowers us to to solicit feedback early in the process — while delivering immediate value to customers. Larger features are often launched as pilots — further ensuring a high-quality public release.

About Release Types

Pilot / Closed Beta:

These releases are only available to select customers at the sole discretion of Brella's team.

The goal of a pilot release is to gather feedback and refine a feature prior to a public release.

Public release:

These releases are publicly available to all customers.

Newest Roadmap Additions

All roadmap items added in the past week. This section may be empty if no new roadmap items were added within that timeframe.


All Roadmap Features


All Released Features (October 2021 onwards)

Released Features

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